A Different Kind of Paint

Although Desert Shield is technically paint, our unique formula of elastomeric+ceramic coating is unlike any normal run-of-the-mill paint. Here’s what makes Desert Shield so unique:

It’s Thick

Desert Shield Ceramic Coating is nearly 20 times thicker than latex or acrylic paint (28 mils vs. 3 mils), so it’s able to protect exterior surfaces far better than standard paint. This unique viscosity and thickness provides an extra layer of insulation for your home, lowering electricity and gas bills by as much as 20-25% a year.

It’s Flexible

The elastomeric properties of Desert Shield give it a unique flexibility, stretching up to 200% of its surface area, so it’s able expand with your home in the hot summer months. Not only does it create a thick layer of protection that seals existing cracks and helps prevent new ones from forming, Desert Shield actually becomes part of the substrate to protect the physical integrity of your home.

It’s Reflective

Desert Shield is formulated with nano-ceramic beads, a technology originally created by NASA for the Space Shuttle, which makes it 100% UV resistant. Because of its reflective properties, Desert Shield can lower wall-surface temperatures by 30–50 degrees. This reduces the amount of heat radiated into the building, keeps indoor temperatures lower and saves on utility costs. It delivers superior protection against the harmful UV rays that break down normal paint over time, providing lasting beauty for decades.

It’s Made for Arizona

The unique properties that make up Desert Shield are especially effective on stucco and adobe exteriors. Its polymorphic qualities and thickness allow it to fill in cracks and uneven contours of masonry, forming a flexible, uniform shell around your home. This incredible seal is not only weatherproof, it’s also breathable—allowing moisture to escape while providing complete protection against the elements. Desert Shield is also virtually maintenance-free.

It’s Guaranteed to Last

Desert Shield delivers lasting beauty and long-term protection of your most valuable investment. Our products are backed by a full 20-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring your home looks as beautiful in two decades as the day it was painted.

It’s Backed by the Best

As they say, a product is only as good as the people behind it. That’s what makes Desert Shield the best in the business. Our professionals are based in Phoenix, specially trained and dedicated to making sure every job is 100% perfect and every customer 100% happy.

Call us today at 602-512-8399 for a free estimate and discover the Desert Shield difference for yourself!